Forbes link: Why Does It Feel Like I’m Always Working?


Keeping your life in balance does not just mean doing the basics to survive. In order for your business to thrive, you need to as well. If you find yourself feeling like you do nothing but work, check out my article on Forbes "Why Does It Feel Like I'm Always Working?". It is just as important to schedule in personal time and tasks as it is to schedule your work ones. When… Continue reading

spring path

Shed the Guilt and Grow Your Business

Starting a business—or taking your company to the next level—requires, by definition, shaking up the comfortable state of normalcy. While this change can ultimately lead to good outcomes, you will make other people unhappy in the process—guaranteed. Whether it’s your current… Continue reading

Elizabeth Grace Saunders

99u: Stop Doing It All Yourself

Your business has taken off, but now you have too much to do. No matter what you do or new systems you try, you just simply cannot complete it all. If this all sounds just like you, check out my… Continue reading

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Focus On Your Talents and Keep Practicing

As a time coach, I empower clients to accomplish more with peace and confidence by identifying and focusing on what they have the power to control. So when research comes out like the recent New York Times article on talent,… Continue reading