Networking is a Circle, Not a Point

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Many people never experience the full power of networking because they  look at it as a point, not a circle. Let me explain... The "Point" view of networking tends toward these type of attitudes about and corresponding actions related to networking: Networking is an event. Therefore I should attend as many functions and conferences as possible. Networking is getting-oriented. Therefore I should only follow up with people when I need something. Networking… Continue reading

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Chores Part 2: Resources for You!

Chores. Again! Alas, everybody has to do them. So to make the most of your precious time, create some sort of regular chore schedule. From monthly chore charts to daily speed-cleaning suggestions to reward trackers, here's how to keep your house… Continue reading

Working Wonders from Home

Are you watching television instead of writing your paper? Organizing your closet instead of finishing that report that needs to be submitted in an hour? Maybe your even taking that third nap because you know there is plenty of time… Continue reading

E Note-Yeah for Our Wonderful Moms!

People who sign up for my newsletter at regularly receive special exercises, Real Life E® updates and exclusive offers that don't appear on this blog. But I thought it would be nice to share these really special newsletter messages from… Continue reading

E Note-Direct Sales Time Management Tips

I hope you enjoy these Simple Tips For Time Management In Direct Sales guest post! With the busy lifestyles everyone has today, time management becomes a concern for all direct sales professionals. Juggling family, activities and business while keeping your… Continue reading

Tamara Mickelson-Founder & CEO of Nannies Galore

E Profile-Nannies Galore Founder’s Time Tips for Parents

[caption id="attachment_743" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Tamara Mickelson-Founder & CEO of Nannies Galore"][/caption] Being a parent is a wonderful privilege and an incredible responsibility. Nannies Galore founder and CEO Tamara Mickelson shared these time management tips for succeeding as a working parent:… Continue reading