So Helpless

When you're facing a big, messy obstacle that requires consistent, hard effort, you can feel so helpless... This could include anything from finishing a major project to restoring a strained relationship to losing weight to looking for a job. In all of these cases, results usually come far more slowly than you would prefer and are in some ways dependent on variables outside of your control. To focus on results is to… Continue reading

ocean waves

Do you INO?

Many of you are "idea" people who: often think of different ways to approach a problem. like to do things "ideally." care about quality. feel a bit dissatisfied with most results. Your pursuit of excellence is a huge asset when… Continue reading

sun flower field

I Have a Dream

At the start of each day, I review my dream for the world... and I thought I would share it with you because it will help you to understand Why I do what I do. Here it goes: "I dream of… Continue reading

Elizabeth Watching the Sky

Get Out of the Trunk

Recently, I did something fairly typical: I set a boundary on my time in what I perceived to be a polite, yet also clear and direct manner. However, I received an atypical response: The person I set a boundary with… Continue reading