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I recently took a Real Holiday...  one where I left behind my computer and all of my other mobile devices. Was it unnerving to think about disconnecting from the world? Absolutely. Prior to leaving, these type of voices ran through my head: It’s so difficult to prepare for technology-free time. What if someone needs me? They'll be soooo much to catch up on when I return. But I chose to not let fear of being… Continue reading



Right now, you are at some point on the cycle of change.     Pre-contemplation: I don't believe I have a problem. (oblivious) Contemplation: Hhhm... Maybe I do have a problem, but I'm not sure I feel like doing anything about it… Continue reading

young attractive sexy woman in hammock on the beach


One of the biggest misconceptions about time management is that if you just get the right systems in place, all of your time management stress will be solved forever. But that way of thinking is simply not accurate. Your systems… Continue reading

Think Tightrope

Initially, I thought "roller coaster" would be the best subject line for this article, but I've learned I was wrong. You see when we're going through big changes personally or professionally such as taking on a stretch project, moving to a new… Continue reading


Treasuring Your Relationships

It's the stuff movies are made of...     Almost every good plot line includes something about relationships with friends, family members, colleagues or significant others. And it's truly a gift to have people that care about you, who want to… Continue reading

So Helpless

When you're facing a big, messy obstacle that requires consistent, hard effort, you can feel so helpless... This could include anything from finishing a major project to restoring a strained relationship to losing weight to looking for a job. In… Continue reading

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Do you INO?

Many of you are "idea" people who: often think of different ways to approach a problem. like to do things "ideally." care about quality. feel a bit dissatisfied with most results. Your pursuit of excellence is a huge asset when… Continue reading