Treasuring Your Relationships


It's the stuff movies are made of...     Almost every good plot line includes something about relationships with friends, family members, colleagues or significant others. And it's truly a gift to have people that care about you, who want to spend time with you and notice what you do or don't do. In a way, it's a validation that your life matters and has significance. But when you find yourself feeling time pressured, the treasure… Continue reading

Elizabeth Watching the Sky

Get Out of the Trunk

Recently, I did something fairly typical: I set a boundary on my time in what I perceived to be a polite, yet also clear and direct manner. However, I received an atypical response: The person I set a boundary with… Continue reading

synchronized swimmers

It’s Not You, It’s Your Support Structure

When you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unmotivated, it’s easy to isolate yourself, especially if you have introverted tendencies or work alone. You think: I just need to focus more, work harder, and avoid all distractions until I get this done.… Continue reading


Live Life Now!

We are accustomed to waiting to make a change until we have a fresh start. We don’t begin a new workout until Monday, we already ate something unhealthy for breakfast today, so we can start our diet tomorrow and there… Continue reading