Chores Part 2: Resources for You!

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Chores. Again! Alas, everybody has to do them. So to make the most of your precious time, create some sort of regular chore schedule.

From monthly chore charts to daily speed-cleaning suggestions to reward trackers, here’s how to keep your house under control (whether or not you have kids!)

Chore Schedule Generator– automatically creates a chore schedule for you based on the information you provide, such as the time you have available, and tasks you most want accomplished. It will even email you daily/weekly chore updates!

Chore List Checklists

Room-by-Room– A list for housecleaning chores divided by which room they occur in the home

Basic Blank 7 Day Chart


Chore List Calendars

Tasks by Day(Blue and Orange)

Tasks by Day (Pink and Green)

-Fill in the blank weekly/monthly calendars

Weekly Schedule– An already filled-in weekly calendar you can add to as needed

5 week Calendar– No dates. Number the days and add chores for the month, beginning any day you’d like.


Chore Incentives/Rewards/Point Trackers

(Designed for Kids But Work for Adults ;o)

Superstar Weekly Reward Chart– Different numbers of stars equal different rewards for the week. (Scroll to very bottom of page)

Weekly Goal Chart– Child writes in the goal they want accomplished and their chosen reward, keeping track of their progress each day of the week

Chores on Commission– In order to eliminate a work-free allowance, this dad created a commission-style chore program.


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