Elizabeth Grace Saunders McGraw Hill Contract

I signed a contract with McGraw Hill to write my first book!

I can write a book. But only YOU can create a bestseller.

This book is part of the Real Life E® a mission to create a world full of peaceful, confident and accomplished people. I can’t do this alone.

Will you join with me in making this book a bestseller?

[Dramatic pause as you think it over and then decide, of course, why not? I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.]

Brilliant! Here’s what’s next…

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How I Got a Book Contract With One of the Top Publishers in the World

How It All Began… So this journey actually began about three years ago. I already had over three years of strong entrepreneurial experience, had been doing professional speaking on being a woman in business and thinking like an entrepreneur, and also had begun my time coaching company.

At that point, people started to tell me, “You should write a book. You should write a book.”

But I didn’t want to. The timing didn’t feel right, and I think it’s absolutely essential to wait to do things, whether it’s start a business, become a coach or write a book until you have something truly unique and different to offer to the world.

None of these pursuits are easy, and I believe if you’re going to make them a priority, you should be totally convinced that what you’re doing is necessary to fulfilling your purpose in the world.

And back in 2009, I wasn’t convinced that was the case.

So I started to collect names of people I knew who had written books so I could contact them when I was ready, but I didn’t move forward in any other way.

[Important time coaching side note here: It’s OK to do things on your own time table. I think we can cause ourselves a whole bunch of unnecessary stress when we try to do the right things but in the wrong timing. When someone tells you to do something and it doesn’t seem like the right timing, thank them for their input but do what is right for you.]

This pattern continued for about a year and a half where I collected up information and names but didn’t actually move forward on a book. And I didn’t feel guilty about it. I knew I was aligned with my priorities and purpose, and I could move ahead when the timing was right.

A big shift happened for me in 2011 when my theme was “The Year of the Impossible,” and I believed very strongly that one of my top goals should be writing a book proposal…

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