Are you settling for a life of just getting by?


man-graphic-overwhelmed-onwhiteLife’s OK, but not great.

You’ve got a job or business but you’re struggling to keep up and feel guilty about all you don’t get done at work and then frustrated about how you always come home late and can’t get anything done there either. You feel you’ve never been good at managing your time but somehow you’ve been “getting by” for a long time. Or, you used to be, but now you’re in a “funk”, are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start to make a change for the better. You dream of feeling more peaceful, in control, and less anxious.


stress-Elizabeth-Grace-SaundersAt times, it feels like all you do is work.

You sometimes even forget to eat… or inhale everything in sight and feel so frustrated at yourself when your pants don’t fit. Then after these peaks of hyper productivity, you completely crash and end up either sick or simply escaping into mindless, meaningless activities like reading yet another article on the Internet about a random topic you don’t really care about.


You feel frustrated because you know you could do better.

Despite horeach-your-goals-Elizabeth-Grace-Saundersw much time and energy you put into work, you don’t feel like a success. You doubt yourself and your ability to really excel at work and enjoy your life. That scares you…

You want to start investing your time in such a way that moves your business forward. Your clients would be thanking you for your excellent work, instead of nagging you about items past due. Plus, you’d feel happier and healthier and more calm.


dream-life-Elizabeth-Grace-SaundersYou struggle to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You’re tired of feeling like you’re chasing your tail. You feel even worse about life outside of work: you don’t get enough sleep, keep skipping exercise, and either break your commitments to people or keep them but feel distracted the whole time thinking about everything else that you need to get done.


You are ready to make a change, but don’t know where to start?

It’s exhausting to even think about considering all the different time management strategies and tools you could use- let alone deciding on some and implementing them. Ugh!

What if you could skip ALL of the guesswork?

Imagine if you could have a dedicated partner, guide, and cheerleader who supported you each step of the way.


What would it be like to know you could be completely open and honest about how you’re spending your time and be completely accepted right here, right now? That you could move from “getting by” to thriving without having to exert the energy (you don’t have) to  figure everything out on your own. You’d never have to wonder, “can I really change?” or “where do I even start?”

Your time is precious, so having an expert partner in the process would let you make sure that
you’re getting results—and faster!

“Elizabeth was great to work with. She is an a true expert in her field and a very effective listener. As a result we were able to very quickly establish a program that helped me to focus on my specific time management and productivity objectives. I would strongly recommend Elizabeth for individuals and organizations that are trying to identify and establish their core priorities and then prioritize relevant activities in the most efficient, focused way.”

~Elvis Plokhooy, Director at Clyde Morribrook

You don’t have to figure this out alone.

Good news, friends! You’ve found your partner.

elizabeth-grace-saunders-on-yellow-backgroundI’m Elizabeth, well Elizabeth Grace Saunders to be exact. I do one-on-one time management coaching for a reason: you need personal support to change habits you’ve struggled with for years. If you haven’t read my bio, you might be wondering why you should listen to me. Fair enough…

When I went from being a stressed out, guilty-whenever-I-wasn’t-working sort of person to one who could relax on the nights and weekends and still run a successful business, people took notice. So much notice that they encouraged me to help other people invest their time effectively.

ESbook3d-closecropFast forward to the present, I’ve become a time investment expert who has worked with time coaching and training clients on six continents, authored The 3 Secrets to Effective Time Investment: How to Achieve More Success With Less Stress published by McGraw Hill, and is a contributor to Harvard Business Review, Lifehacker, 99U, Forbes, and many more…

company-logosMost importantly, I’m a warm, caring, and yet knowledgeable and firm time management coach who consistently sees clients improve their time management skills in ways that they never thought possible before. I’m with you and for you and I believe there’s hope for your situation.

Here’s me sharing with Harvard Business Review about how I define success:


Elizabeth is the most personable coach that can cut to the core of knowing who you are and tailoring the solutions that you can do in actionable items to change your life and that of your team members and family members.”

~ Amanda Llewellyn, Vice President Supply Chain Management at Dimensions Healthcare System

Why should I consider time coaching?

SO many problems with time management are the result of people just letting life happen to them… and then they wonder what’s wrong when things don’t happen the way they expected they would go. But that’s avoidable, when you know how to be strategic with your time investment.

During your Time Coaching Program, you’ll be working on applying the right tools and techniques and habits in your life so that you can:
  • Discover how to create a stress-free lifestyle AND succeed in your career.
  • Free yourself from the fears and self sabotage that hold you back.
  • Beat procrastination and trust yourself to really move forward on your goals.
  • Have more structure to your days and weeks so that you have fewer decisions to make.
  • Grow in confidence in your skills and abilities and your right to choose what you do and don’t do.
  • Set boundaries with people and activities that take time away from your top priorities.
  • Exercise on a more regular basis and potentially lose weight (after one of my clients lost 15 pounds, he said I should promote time coaching as a weight loss program!)
  • Arrive on time to most activities instead of being perpetually late.
  • Feel less anxious that you’re letting someone down, or you’re forgetting something.
  • Go to bed earlier so that you’re not chronically sleep deprived.
  • Improve your relationships with your friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Get projects done that you’ve been meaning to do for years.
  • Develop emotional resilience so that you’re not thrown off for days or weeks when something happens.
  • Invest your time in alignment with your priorities.
  • Live true to your authentic self.
  • Be at peace.

How does time coaching work?

Over the course of the program, you’ll get a custom schedule created for you based on your specific personal and professional commitments and goals. This is not a rigid set of rules about what “everyone should do” but a personalized plan that’s in touch with the reality of your situation and your personality.

And to make sure you’re able to implement changes, you get my expert time management coaching support in developing and implementing practical strategies to put this plan into practice.

Your “Schedule Makeover”

Once your application is approved, you have an initial consultation, and you’re signed up, we will schedule your first coaching session. Here we’ll go through a comprehensive assessment of your entire schedule. Then I’ll take everything you shared about your commitments, goals, priorities, and dreams and custom design your initial ideal schedule for us to go through together in session two.

Your Schedule Makeover is custom, flexible, and specifically suited to your priorities, your goals, your work, your personality and your authentic self.

You’ll then have a clear idea of which scheduling strategies could work for you and your specific situation. Once you have your Schedule Makeover, you’ll have a COMPLETE plan of how to make everything fit.…

In your work life:
  • where to block out time for priority projects.
  • when you have meetings & calls.
  • make decisions about what you will NOT do. (Meeting acceptances dramatically drop.)
  • when to answer e-mail.
  • if everything doesn’t fit in your schedule, where to make cuts.
  • FINALLY start making progress on goals that you’ve been wanting to move forward on for months–but couldn’t find the time.
In your personal life:
  • when you can fit in exercise.
  • how to get enough sleep and still make it to work on time.
  • when you can connect with friends and family.
  • reduce your stress & anxiety.
  • where to find time for errands and home organization.
  • make time for your regular relaxation & down time
  • plan for real time off and vacations.

Turning plans into RESULTS

After you have your Schedule Makeover, your time coaching sessions will help you with developing, refining, and strengthening the essential routines that actually lead to change.

And rather than sitting around and waiting for something to happen (or reading yet one more article on tricks and hacks), you’ll start to consistently put knowledge into action so that you know experientially what does–and doesn’t–work for you. This regular, ongoing accountability and support will lead to a positive upward spiral in your productivity, sense of control, and joy in life.

Time management coaching with Elizabeth has been gratifying and enlightening. It has led to a feeling of more balance in what I have come to call my ‘rich and full life.’ She has a realistic yet warm approach to time management. After thoughtfully listening to my priorities, Elizabeth gently guided me in ways to focus on those important areas. Down to earth yet fresh & inventive, she helped me arrange my time and calendar in ways that are aligned to my priorities.

Just as necessary as practical scheduling advice was Elizabeth’s recognition and addressing of some of my characteristics which impact how I implement time management. My high standards for myself, my resistance to routine, and my adjustment to those unexpected life events that are inevitable, are a few of the topics we covered.” ~Kathryn Dettwiller, fine artist

When & Where?

Location: Time management coaching is done 100% virtually thanks to the magic of phone, skype, and e-mail. I work with clients around the world.

Dates & Times: Time coaching clients are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year as spots become available. Start by filling out your application →

Okay, I want in. How can you help me?

Option 1 – The Premium Time Coaching Program

This is the most comprehensive time coaching program I offer

Once you’re in the program, there’s no way to NOT learn and practice the essential skills you need to accomplish your goals… except for maybe not showing up for your coaching calls. And it would be silly to pay and not show up, wouldn’t it?

In the Premium Time Coaching Program, you’ll receive:
  • Comprehensive assessment of your entire schedule (meetings, sleep, exercise, projects, etc)
  • Custom Schedule Makeover that lays out how everything fits together
  • Six months of 45-minute time coaching calls that happen every two weeks to help you put your plans into action, keep you accountable, and encourage you along the way.
  • Custom action guides following every call that document your learning, your wins, and your plan of action for the coming weeks (I have clients tell me they look back at these months or years later–they’re great reference material!)
  • E-mail coaching where you can reach out to me between sessions to get questions answered, stay accountable, and receive really happy e-mails with lots of !!!! when you’ve done something awesome.

Start my Application!

I really enjoyed working with Elizabeth. She is bright, thoughtful and an expert in her area of expertise. She was warm and helpful. I was very pleased with the results I generated from working with Elizabeth.” ~Eric Becker, Senior Managing Director & Co-Founder at Sterling Partners 

Option 2 – The Basic Time Coaching Program

One-on-one support & accountability for lasting behavioral change

The Basic package is 3 months instead of 6 months. 

In the Basic Time Coaching Program, you’ll receive:
  • Comprehensive assessment of your entire schedule (meetings, sleep, exercise, projects, etc)
  • Custom Schedule Makeover that lays out how everything fits together
  • Three months of 45-minute time coaching calls that happen three times a month to help you put your plans into action, keep you accountable, and encourage you along the way.
  • Custom action guides following every call that document your learning, your wins, and your plan of action for the coming weeks (I have clients tell me they look back at these months or years later–they’re great reference material!)
  • E-mail coaching where you can reach out to me between sessions to get questions answered, stay accountable, and receive really happy e-mails with lots of !!!! when you’ve done something awesome.

My programs can lead to long-term success with
time management

With my time management coaching packages, experience and support, I will help you avoid costly mistakes that can prevent you from seeing real results. With my help, you will…

  • get hands-on, step-by-step guidance in implementing changes to your systems, habits, and routines (so you don’t have to waste time wondering “what do I do next?”).
  • get personal accountability and a blanket of support from me (I can’t actually MAKE you do the work, but this is about as close as you’ll get.)
  • get someone who will unconditionally stick with you through the process of change. Celebrating with you when you feel great about what you’ve done and helping you get back up and back on track when you have a rough week and feel like a total screw up. No matter what happens–I’ll be there for you.
  • commit to carving out some time to work on those very important goals, even when you have a million other priorities begging for your attention
  • stick with your new routines more than a week or two so that they really become a habit
  • keep trying instead of giving up and reverting to old, bad habits when you have an “off day,” you get sick, or you get overwhelmed by a big project, and have no one there to support and encourage you through the down time

Start my Application!

My experience with her was amazing and priceless. It started with reading one of her articles in the Harvard Business Review and turned into a life-changing experience- a major milestone in my life. Definitely a good choice. I recommend Elizabeth with full confidence!!” ~ John Packer, Analyst at Goldman Sachs 

Wait, don’t go! I still have a question!

No worries. Is it one of these frequently asked questions?

Q: How do I know if I need time coaching?

A: Time coaching may be right for you if you…

  • Constantly feel behind and like you’re catching up or digging out.
  • Find that you’re wasting time because you forget things and don’t plan ahead.
  • Have more or different responsibilities because of a new job, a new business, a new relationship or a new child and your level of organization no longer works.
  • Feel overwhelmed, stuck and paralyzed by all there is to do and don’t know where to start.
  • Can only manage to get things done at a frantic pace at the last minute, which means that you’re in a constant cycle of burnout and recovery.
  • you’ve been struggling for years, our just recently starting to feel frustrated and are ready to take your time investment skills to the next level.
Q: Can I try a few coaching sessions before committing to a coaching program?

A: Before you have the opportunity to sign up for coaching, we always complete a free initial consultation where we can both get really clear on exactly what’s going on in your life right now and exactly what you would like to see happen in the future. It’s extremely important to me that we’re both completely comfortable that this is exactly the right solution for you.

Q: I don’t have enough time already…how do I find time for coaching?

A: I completely understand that time management coaching is an investment of time and energy, but I’ve found that people can find the time for it for two main reasons:

  • We immediately start eliminating lesser priority activities from your schedule so that you open up more time to invest in activities that are important to your overall health and well being and balance, such as time coaching.
  • Except for two short forms that I have you fill out at the beginning of coaching, I try to avoid giving you any sort of paperwork. Everything you learn is directly applicable to making you feel more peaceful, confident and accomplished in the situations you face right now.
Q: I’m looking for practical information I can use immediately – will I get that?

A: Absolutely. You’ll learn all of the time coaching principles by applying them to your current situation as a real-life case study. We will talk about limiting beliefs and time investment concepts. But everything will tie back to practical application in your life—Right here. Right now.

Q: I feel like I’ve failed so many times before. What makes your program different than others?

A: Many programs don’t work because they:

  • Ignore the internal emotional/mental factors that can cause resistance.
  • Try to fit everyone into a one-size-fits-all mold.
  • Don’t offer the proper amount of personal support and accountability.
  • Are unsustainable in terms of level of intensity.
  • Aren’t flexible enough for the realities of life.

Real Life E® time coaching is different because it offers custom one-on-one support for you to achieve the kind of results you desire. That means that you are learning basic principles but everything is directly applicable to your goals and your lifestyle. If you like to get up at 10 a.m. or at 4 a.m., if you run a business or go to school, you learn how to develop sustainable habit patterns that work for you. You’ll also learn powerful ways to address your thoughts and emotions so they work for you instead of against you.

Q: Do you work with people with ADD/ADHD and/or depression?

A: I do not have the training to diagnosis and treat ADD/ADHD and/or depression from a medical perspective. However, I do have some clients on medication and/or in therapy for one or both of these. They find that time coaching is a great complement to their other treatment programs because of the focus on practical skill building and lasting behavioral change.

Q: How do you measure my progress?

A: During each call, you’ll share what happened since your last session—what were your victories and what you learned. We measure your incremental improvement and cross check it with your goals so we can celebrate progress toward what is most important to you. The goal is for you to focus on being and becoming your best self.

Q: After my initial program with you where I’ve begun to develop and strengthen my time management skills, can we still catch up a couple times a year? Will you stay in contact with me to make sure I stay on task?

A: During your initial program, you have time to learn new strategies, start to implement them, and make adjustments as needed. Following your initial program, you have the option of signing up for flexible coaching options where you can decide on the frequency of the follow up calls, such as once or twice a month. You can use these calls for ongoing accountability, feedback, and support. Plus, I always love hearing e-mail updates from my clients. It’s a pleasure to celebrate your accomplishments!

Q: Do calls have to be at the same time each time?

A: It’s important to me to practice what I coach, and my time investment philosophy is that there needs to be enough flexibility to account for the realities of life. But it is important to plan ahead so we will plan the next call at the end of each session, working around your upcoming commitments. If that means you have your calls at the same time, great! If they change frequently to match your current availability, that’s fine too!

Q: Do you have international clients?

A: Yes, I have clients on four continents. No matter your location, I’m here to help!

Q: Do you Skype?

A: Yes, I can do coaching sessions by phone or skype.

Q: I work all day. Can I schedule evening calls?

A: I’m located in the Eastern Time Zone (the same time zone as New York City) and typically work standard business hours, but I generally reserve one evening a week where I can take calls later in the day. Also, if you’re located in Europe or Africa, your evening will typically be my afternoon, which works brilliantly if you want to schedule calls after you get off work.

Q: Can we meet in person?

A: Coaching sessions are done through phone or skype and e-mail, but if we’re ever in the same city, it is a delight to meet my clients in person.

Q: Do you call me or do I call you?

A: Typically, I call you, but if there’s a special reason for you to call me, then we can coordinate accordingly.

Q: Do you do group coaching sessions or work with couples?

A: Generally, I work one-on-one with clients, but in some special instances, I do group coaching or work with couples. If you have another person or a group that would like to participate in time coaching with me, we can discuss what it could look like for us to work together. You can fill out your application here.

Q: My personal time management is ok, but I’m trying to start a business. Will you help me with my business time management?

A: Yes, as an entrepreneur myself, I’m happy to work with entrepreneurs on developing a business that also allows them to live a balanced life.

Q: Do you do speaking and training in addition to coaching?

A: Yes, I speak to organizations about effective time investment, work/life balance and my experiences as a woman in business. Check out the Help Your Staff page for further information.

Still have questions?

Send me your questions by e-mail by clicking here. I’d be happy to hear from you.

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