How You Can Change Your Time Management Habits

Even if you feel stuck, don’t know how to be different, and nothing has ever worked before

Many people struggle to manage their work and personal life, so they end up resentful from all the demands on their time and frustrated with themselves for breaking commitments, missing deadlines and not prioritizing what’s important to them.

But, you don’t need to settle for a life of crushing stress because you’re not living up to your potential and left feeling horribly guilty about it. As a time coach and trainer, I coach clients around the world on how to be as successful inside as they look on the outside.

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Why it’s worth trying again even if past attempts/systems have fallen apart

Some of my happy clients...

Elizabeth’s expertise was incredibly valuable to help me recognize the habits I needed to change, develop the habits I needed to develop, and institute repeatable straight forward routines to help me stay on track with managing my workload.

Dave Heffernan

Corporate Chief Information Officer at Government of the Northwest Territories

I am at my best thanks to Elizabeth. I now have a schedule that I can work with (and if I need to adjust it, I don’t feel guilty about doing so). Professionally and personally, I am exactly where I need to be: I value myself, the work that I am doing and I am able to spend quality time with my family.

Elizabeth Milovidov

Lawyer, Consultant, Speaker, and Author

I ‘up-leveled’ my life by spending my time on the things I value most and streamlining other parts of my schedule. Elizabeth’s unique perspective and insight on time investment was invaluable. As my time coach, she had keen insight into my life with practical next steps.

Joyce LeFevre

Senior V&V Engineer at Philips Healthcare

As a coach Elizabeth is consistent, supportive and empowering. She is not only great at understanding how to structure time effectively for work and school, but also she takes time to really understand what matters to you, your goals and aspirations, and then helps you envision how you can achieve that life through effective time management. I recommend her with total confidence.

Nathan Cheever