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How do I know if I need time coaching?

Time coaching may be right for you if you…

  • Constantly feel behind and like you’re catching up or digging out.
  • Find that you’re wasting time because you forget things and don’t plan ahead.
  • Have more or different responsibilities because of a new job, a new business, a new relationship or a new child and your level of organization no longer works.
  • Feel overwhelmed, stuck and paralyzed by all there is to do and don’t know where to start.
  • Can only manage to get things done at a frantic pace at the last minute, which means that you’re in a constant cycle of burn-out and recovery.

Whether you’ve been struggling for years, our just recently starting to feel frustrated, I have the tools and strategies to help you to overcome your obstacles to success and achieve your goals. I work with individuals at all skill levels, including those who have ADD/ADHD and/or depression.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can either contact my client joy director at or contact me directly at

I’m intrigued by your program, but I’m not really sure what it’s all about. How exactly does time coaching work?


Time coaching is focused on giving you the training, accountability and support you need to experience lasting habit change in how you invest your time. I typically work with clients over the course of three or six months so that they can have ample opportunity to learn, practice and strengthen new habits.

During this time together, we do a complete Schedule Makeover™ assessment and then do a series of 60-minute calls. With the 3-month time coaching program, these happen on a weekly basis. With the premium 6-month time coaching program, these happen bi-weekly. In between the premium time coaching sessions, you have coursework to complete to build your skills alongside the personalized coaching. The premium time coaching program also includes a VIP Day where we can works together on a bigger goal such as making a plan for the year, breaking down a big project into smaller steps, or tackling a challenge that requires an extended time of focus.


After my initial program with you where I’ve begun to develop and strengthen my time management skills, can we still catch up a couple times a year? Will you stay in contact with me to make sure I stay on task?

During your initial program, you have time to learn new strategies, start to implement them, and then work with me to make adjustments as needed. Following your initial program, you have the option of signing up for flexible coaching options where you can decide on the frequency of the follow up calls, such as once or twice a month.

Plus, I always love hearing updates from my clients even years down the road. It’s a pleasure to celebrate your accomplishments!


Can I try a few call sessions before committing to an extended coaching program?


Before you have the opportunity to sign up for coaching, we always complete a 60- to 90-minute free consultation where we can both get really clear on exactly what’s going on in your life right now and exactly what you would like to see happen in the future. It’s extremely important to me that we’re both completely comfortable that this is exactly the right solution for your needs.

If we agree that time coaching is right for you, then we’ll talk through the process of signing up and getting started on the process of life transformation.

If you’re interested in setting up an initial free consultation, please contact my client joy director at

I don’t have enough time in my life already…how do I find time for coaching?

I completely understand that time coaching is an investment of time and energy, but I’ve found that people can find the time for it for two main reasons:

  • We try to immediately start eliminating lesser priority activities from your schedule so that you open up more time to invest in activities that are important to your overall health and well being and balance, such as time coaching.
  • Except for two short forms that I have you fill out at the beginning of coaching and one form that you fill out at the end, I try to avoid giving you any sort of paperwork. Everything you learn is directly applicable to making you feel more peaceful, confident and accomplished right now.


I’m looking for practical information I can use immediately – will I get that?


Absolutely. You’ll learn all of the time coaching principles by applying them to your current situation as a real-life case study. We will talk about limiting beliefs and other kinds of blocks that could be holding you back from success and other theoretical principles. But everything will tie back to practical application in your life—Right here. Right now.

I feel like I’ve failed so many times before. What makes your program different than others?


Many programs don’t work due to these factors:

  • They ignore the internal emotional/mental factors that can cause resistance.
  • They try to fit everyone into a one-size-fits-all mold.
  • They don’t offer the proper amount of personal support and accountability.
  • They’re not sustainable in terms of level of intensity.
  • They’re not flexible enough for the realities of life.

Real Life E® time coaching is different because it offers custom one-on-one support for you to achieve the kind of results you desire. That means that you are learning basic principles but everything is directly applicable to your goals and your lifestyle. If you like to get up at 10 a.m. or at 4 a.m., if you run a business or go to school, we work around your needs to develop sustainable habit patterns. We also work on develop the proper mindset and emotional state so your thoughts work for you instead of against you.

Do you work with people with ADD/ADHD and/or depression?

I do not have the training to diagnosis and treat ADD/ADHD and/or depression from a medical perspective. However, I do have clients on medication or in therapy for one or both of these. They find that time coaching is a great complement to their other treatment programs because we focus on practical skill building and lasting behavioral change.


How do you measure my progress?


During each call, we start by reviewing what happened over the last week—what were your victories and what you learned. We measure your incremental improvement and cross check it with your goals so we can celebrate progress toward what is most important to you. The goal is for you to focus on being and becoming your best self.


Do calls have to be at the same time?


It’s important to me to practice what I coach, and my time management theory is that there needs to be enough flexibility to account for the realities of life. But it is important to plan ahead so we will plan the next call at the end of each session, working around your upcoming commitments. If that means we have our calls at the same time, great! If they change frequently to match your current availability, that’s fine too!

Do you have international clients?

I have clients on 4 continents. No matter your location, I’m here to help!

Do you Skype?

Yes, I can do coaching sessions by phone or skype.

I work all day. Will you do evening calls?

I’m in the Eastern Time Zone and typically work standard business hours, but I generally reserve one evening a week where I can take calls later in the day. Also, if you’re located in Europe or Africa, your evening will typically be my afternoon, which works brilliantly if you want to schedule calls after you get off work.

Can we meet in person?

Coaching sessions are done through phone or skype and e-mail, but if we’re ever in the same city, it is a delight to meet my clients in person.

Do you call me or do I call you?

Generally, I call you, but if there’s a special reason for you to call me, then we can coordinate accordingly.


Do you do group coaching sessions or work with couples?


Generally, I work one-on-one with clients, but in some special instances, I do group coaching or work with couples. If you have another person or a group that would like to participate in time coaching with me, we can discuss what it could look like for us to work together.


My personal time management is ok, but I’m trying to start a business. Will you help me with my business time management?

Yes, as an entrepreneur myself and a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Council and the Extreme Entrepreneurship tour, I’m happy to work with beginning entrepreneurs on developing a business that also allows them to live a balanced life.


Do you do speaking and training in addition to coaching?

In addition to one-on-one coaching, I also speak to organizations about, effective time investment, work/life balance and my experiences as a woman in business. Check out my speaking page for more info.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

You can contact my Client Joy Director at to receive answers to any additional questions.

Want to Know If Time Coaching Is Right For You?

E-mail me about the challenges you’re facing, and I’ll let you know how I can help or point you toward other resources:


About Real Life E®

Elizabeth Grace Saunders is the founder and CEO of Real Life E® a time coaching and training company that empowers individuals who feel guilty, overwhelmed and frustrated to feel peaceful, confident and accomplished through an exclusive Schedule Makeoverprocess. Real Life E® also increases employee productivity, satisfaction and work/life balance through custom training programs.

Elizabeth has appeared in Inc magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and on NBC. She was selected as one of the Top 25 Amazing Women of 2010 by Stiletto Woman and as a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Council featured inThe New York Times, Forbes, Mashable, and many other media outlets.

Elizabeth’s time coaching clients have the opportunity to go through her exclusive Schedule Makeoverlife transformation process through phone coaching and custom action guides or in-person training.