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The Young Entrepreneur Council is an organization comprised of Gen Y business owners…..

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Elizabeth is my ridiculously accomplished, brilliant, smart-beyond-her-years friend.
des_moines_register_logoShe sat with me at Grounds and counseled me into realizing that I am not my job and that I needed to check my attitude when it comes to doing things for myself.
She said something I thought was really, really cool. (Keep in mind I’m not generally one for the God talk… it’s a Cradle Catholic thing… but this time, it really resonated.). She said, “God made us ‘human beings,’ not ‘human doings.’” The whole conversation was like a really great exhale. And I needed it.”

“Lately, I’ve been finding myself hitting that 5PM wall of EXHAUSTION. If I’m not close to Starbucks it really affects me and un-motivates me for at least an hour. Last week, I did a great job sticking to my goals, but I still kept hitting that wall. A friend and young entrepreneur, Elizabeth Saunders (yes, the one from my phonecalls), sent me her weekly email about “checking in with yourself”…”


nbc-peacock-logo1Personal interview with Elizabeth Grace Saunders aired on NBC affiliate KNBN NewsCenter1 in story about an event with the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour. Elizabeth toured the country with some of the nation’s top young entrepreneurs in the fall of 2008. The team inspired over 1,000 high school and college students to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship while they were still in school.
Featured Entrepreneur
Elizabeth Grace Saunders, founder of Real Life E, is a finalist in the Best Young Entrepreneur category of the Stevie Awards for Women in Business. The category recognizes individual women entrepreneurs under the age of 30…”