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With all the responsibilities you juggle on a daily basis, sometimes it seems like you’re running a nation! It’s hard enough keeping track of work deadlines, exercise priorities, and family time. Add to this, interviews, debates, and campaign work, and it’s easy to see how even politicians need routines to stay strong under stress.

Uncle Sam wants YOU to have time management success! For firework worthy tips and tricks,

Check out this article from 99u: How Barack Obama Gets Things Done

I especially appreciated this note about how “Personal Time is Sacred” even for the president:

“The president has three moments in his schedule that are unquestionably his: the morning workout, his dinner with his daughters, and the nighttime after his family falls asleep. Each block of time serves a different role for Obama: the gym keeps his body in good health, the late night helps him catch up on work, and the dinner is especially sacred time, with the added benefit of giving the president a bit of perspective outside his hectic workday.”

And this article on Mitt Romney’s running mate shows that you can stay fit and help others too: Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine

“Paul Ryan’s Workout Routine, “who was a physical trainer briefly after college, has been organizing P90X workouts with a group of other congressmen including Representatives Heath Shuler, Democrat of North Carolina, and Aaron Schock, Republican of Illinois.”

Vote YES for routines that lead to Work-Life Balance

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