Get Out of the Trunk

Elizabeth Watching the Sky

Recently, I did something fairly typical: I set a boundary on my time in what I perceived to be a polite, yet also clear and direct manner. However, I received an atypical response: The person I set a boundary with (who was a stranger whom I had just met once before) told me that I was a warm person but had come across as cold... The logical side of me thought, "This… Continue reading

tide pool

So Humbled…

A few times a year, I send out an update to a small circle of personal friends who live around the world. It's my way of keeping in touch with people who I may not be able to call or… Continue reading

Elizabeth Grace Saunders Time Management Coach Keynote Speaker

I Quit

In 2007, when I began my personal journey toward creating a peaceful, balanced life aligned with my priorities, I realized authentic success required quitting many things. This included not only cutting back on activities but also quitting attitudes that kept me bound to a life driven by production… Continue reading

Elizabeth in Africa

I Was Wrong…

I wanted to tell you a story about me, Africa, and a lesson that took a couple of years to sink in... So in 2011, I visited Uganda, and during my time there, I taught a time investment class to local young leaders. (That's me… Continue reading

lavender field

Leveraging Anxiety

This summer, I've been in the trenches with all of you, working on HUGE, complicated projects I'm happy to report that I'm wrapping up my final chapter of my first time management book for McGraw Hill and should be able to… Continue reading

Elizabeth Grace Saunders

Right to Roam: Work on the Go

Work in London! Or your local cafe! In a recent London Evening Standard article, "Right to roam: How to hot desk at London's coolest clubs and cafes," Elizabeth provides insight on the effect that work environments have on one's productivity.… Continue reading