Guilt, Pride, Fear— And the Struggle for Balance

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Everyone is different and that means the ideal work/life balance may look very different for you than for someone else. If you are struggling to find peace with how you invest your time, check out my article at "Guilt, Pride, Fear ---And the Struggle for Balance" In this piece, I point out some Red Flags that can help you identify where you may be getting off track. With these tips, you… Continue reading

Elizabeth Grace Saunders

Interview with Elizabeth! Tonight

If you are asking questions like, “What do I want to do with my life?” or feeling stuck along your career path or stressing out about money or relationships, and are ready for some relief and solutions or just love… Continue reading

Time Investment Book

Top 10 Time Management Books

To help you stay on top, we've scoured the web to find the top time management books for productivity and getting things done. Take your pick. From a strict, no-nonsense, business driven approach, to light-hearted improvement tips, there's bound to… Continue reading

A happy life is not a life with a lot of results

Pinterest Sweepstakes-Win a Signed Book!

Calling all Pinterest lovers: it’s time for a fun sweepstakes! Real Life E would like to thank its supporters by offering you the chance to win a signed copy of Elizabeth Grace Saunders’ new book, The 3 Secrets to Effective… Continue reading