7 Ways to Experience the Often-Elusive Joy of Christmas

Roast Chicken

There's a lot of pressure this time of year.... Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or some other holiday, this can be a really challenging season. Not only are you expected to manage multiple extra projects (house decorating, present giving, and family visiting), but also you're supposed to feel happier than ever (as the expectation is it's the most wonderful time of the year). Talk about difficult! This can lead to a… Continue reading

Take a breather and sip some tea, or gulp an extra shot of joe to buckle down to work. This durable mug is perfect for any of your warm beverage priorities!

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"Is this my priority?" It's a simple question to help keep you on track. Expert time coach and work-life balance [caption id="attachment_2138" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Take a tea or coffee break with this mug in hand."][/caption] trainer, Elizabeth Grace Saunders, has… Continue reading

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Chores Part 2: Resources for You!

Chores. Again! Alas, everybody has to do them. So to make the most of your precious time, create some sort of regular chore schedule. From monthly chore charts to daily speed-cleaning suggestions to reward trackers, here's how to keep your house… Continue reading

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Making and Keeping a Chore Schedule

Let's face it- chores are challenging. Elizabeth Saunders was recently featured on the Radical Parenting website with tools and helpful advice on how to set clear expectations and create a manageable plan of attack for your teens' chores. Check out the introduction… Continue reading

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More Easy Meals!

Now that you know how to plan healthy meals into your weekly routine, are armed with yummy recipes, and your fridge is stocked with delicious ingredients, you may still find it difficult to take action. Below are some fabulous recipes and tips that will… Continue reading

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Quick, Easy, Healthy Meal Planning Ideas

After a long day at work, sometimes the easiest thing to do for dinner seems like ordering greasy takeout or buzzing by the drive thru. But even “healthy” fast food isn't always the best option.  Below are some practical tips… Continue reading