How to Delegate Without Being a Dictator


Recently my friend Lindsey Pollak came out with a new book called Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders. Since she's an expert on Millennial generation career and workplace issues, much of the advice is related directly to that generation. However, Lindsey had some great nuggets of wisdom regarding "Delegating Without Being a Dictator" that are of value to any generation. Here are three of the five: Create… Continue reading

Elizabeth Grace Saunders

99u: Stop Doing It All Yourself

Your business has taken off, but now you have too much to do. No matter what you do or new systems you try, you just simply cannot complete it all. If this all sounds just like you, check out my… Continue reading

synchronized swimmers

It’s Not You, It’s Your Support Structure

When you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unmotivated, it’s easy to isolate yourself, especially if you have introverted tendencies or work alone. You think: I just need to focus more, work harder, and avoid all distractions until I get this done.… Continue reading