Your Sleeping Habits Are Killing Your Productivity

Are you worried about the amount of sleep you get at night? And do you feel your sleep patterns are having a negative effect on your working life? Don’t worry. It’s possible to rid yourself of bad habits and increase your productivity and efficiency levels at the same time. You Are Sleeping Too Much We all know we’re supposed to sleep eight hours a night if we’re going to be healthy, wealthy… Continue reading

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How to Dramatically Reduce Time Typing

Earlier this year, Dan Pink shared in one of his newsletters about how he uses text expanders to dramatically reduce the amount of time he spends replying to e-mail. I'm not the most tech-savvy person, but the idea of having… Continue reading


Top 10 Productivity Blogs

Stop spending your precious time searching for blogs about how to save time. We've done the work for you, and found the Top 10 Productivity Blogs of 2013, as ranked by xmarks. A great resource, this comprehensive list ranks productivity… Continue reading

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Pinterest Sweepstakes-Win a Signed Book!

Calling all Pinterest lovers: it’s time for a fun sweepstakes! Real Life E would like to thank its supporters by offering you the chance to win a signed copy of Elizabeth Grace Saunders’ new book, The 3 Secrets to Effective… Continue reading

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8 Tips for Keeping In Touch

Last week, I shared about making more professional connections. But once you've met new people, the whole idea of keeping in touch can fill you with a sense of dread, guilt or fear if you don't have the right strategies in… Continue reading


Making Connections

When you already feel super time crunched... It can feel really overwhelming to think about meeting new people. How can you expand your network when you can barely keep up with the people you know? I completely understand that you… Continue reading

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Vacation Disconnect

Even if you can't take an out-of-town trip, you deserve some"unplugged" time. Check out expert time coach, Elizabeth Grace Saunders' reflections and how-to suggestions on untethering yourself from your electronic devices. I recently had a Real where I left behind… Continue reading