Road Warriors: Worried About Staying Productive During the Holidays? Here Are the Top Things You Need!

As the new productivity expert for the Hyatt Place Seamless Travel Series, Lindsey Pollak will be sharing her personal advice about maximizing your efficiency on the road and making your travel experience just right from start to finish. Here are her tips on what to bring to keep productivity up while traveling. My Holiday Travel Essentials: 1. Multipurpose Travel Pack First and foremost, it’s hard to be productive if you can’t find anything you’ve packed. That’s… Continue reading

Elizabeth Grace Saunders

Three Reasons

I've noticed that when people hesitate to admit how they would like to be spending their time, it's usually due to one of these three areas ... Feeling Overwhelmed: This tends to happen when you face a very large or… Continue reading

ocean waves

Do you INO?

Many of you are "idea" people who: often think of different ways to approach a problem. like to do things "ideally." care about quality. feel a bit dissatisfied with most results. Your pursuit of excellence is a huge asset when… Continue reading


How to Delegate Without Being a Dictator

Recently my friend Lindsey Pollak came out with a new book called Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders. Since she's an expert on Millennial generation career and workplace issues, much of the advice is related… Continue reading

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I Have a Dream

At the start of each day, I review my dream for the world... and I thought I would share it with you because it will help you to understand Why I do what I do. Here it goes: "I dream of… Continue reading