Day in the Life of a Time Coach: My Morning Routine

Ever wonder how a time management coach spends her days? This sneak peek into Elizabeth’s morning routine might be just the inspiration you need to make a few adjustments to your own wake up rituals! Be sure to stay tuned for more insights into Elizabeth’s daily schedule. Enjoy!

Inside My MindElizabeth Saunders

I hesitate to talk too much…about the specifics of how I personally organize my day for a few reasons:

  • I don’t want to seem self absorbed.
  • I know from coaching clients around the world that custom plans based on the right strategies work better than copying someone else’s exact techniques.
  • I’m an ENFJ and not all–but many–of my clients are Myers Briggs INFP or ISFP so they sometimes need a bit different approach.

But that being said, much of what I do is teaching people how to develop the mindset and skill set of an organized person so I’m pulling back the curtain on my life. In the upcoming posts, you’ll learn about not only what I do on a daily basis but also get inside my mind on what I’m thinking throughout the process.

See below for a close look at how I start my morning…

I hope this helps you and demonstrates that I’m authentically living a life of accomplishing more with peace and confidence!

Elizabeth’s Morning Routine

My internal clock is set to 6 a.m. This is awesome on weekdays because it’s usually not a problem for me to get up when my happy nature sounds alarm goes off. It’s not so awesome on the weekends when I’ve stayed up later than 11 p.m. and want to sleep in–but can’t.

If I wake up with unpleasant thoughts in my head (perhaps from a weird dream) I  sometimes lay in bed a bit past 6 a.m. so I can process the negative emotions. I then get up and immediately grab my Bible and my journal from my nightstand and take them downstairs to the dining room and put them in my designated spot.

I love the fact that the house is quiet, and I’m alone at this hour. It’s very peaceful and my mind can wander and get lost in thoughts without interruption. I start my fabulous Bunn coffee maker (only 4 minutes to brew a whole pot!) and then put together a simple breakfast.

As I gather my food, I usually make a rough sketch in my mind of what I plan on eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That way, I know that I’m getting some variety in my three meals and enough healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. I also make note of anything that I need to buy in my “Grocery” note in my phone.

Now it’s time to sit down and eat. As I munch, I read a short passage and then take time to ponder what it means to me. Usually during my pondering time, I go back for seconds on breakfast food. (I eat small portions so I can go back for more!)

Next, I take time to meditate. Depending on my mood, this can take many different forms:

  • Writing in a prayer journal.
  • Listening to an affirmations CD.
  • Laying on the living room floor staring at the ceiling and sorting out my thoughts.
  • Going on a walk through my neighborhood (usually just on the weekends)

After my meditation time, I’m typically feeling peaceful, energized and in control of my emotions. As they would say in the excellent book Switch, my “elephant” is happy so now the “rider” can start to direct my focus.

Around 7:30 a.m., I start to transition from being to doing… I put away breakfast food and clean up any dishes. I go around the house fluffing pillows, shutting cabinets, collecting up stray items and generally reassuring myself that everything is in order in my physical environment so that I can more or less ignore it for the next 8 hours.

I then shower and get ready for the day completely if I need to leave the house for an appointment during work hours. (I have a tendency to underestimate how long it can take to get ready and get out of the house.) If I’m not going out until the evening, then I just put on clothes for going on a walk at lunch and leave doing hair, make up and jewelry until the end of the day so everything is “fresh.”

Sometime between 8 and 8:30 a.m., I sit down at my computer and begin my morning processing and planning routine… to be fully explained in an upcoming post…

To your brilliance!

Your time coach,


P.S.-Rest assured! I don’t recommend that all of my time coaching clients get up at 6 a.m.! That’s just what works for me.

P.P.S.–Feel free to share your insights on morning routines.

About Real Life E®

Elizabeth Grace Saunders is the founder and CEO of Real Life E® a time coaching and training company that empowers individuals who feel guilty, overwhelmed and frustrated to feel peaceful, confident and accomplished through an exclusive Schedule MakeoverTM process. Real Life E® also increases employee productivity, satisfaction and work/life balance through custom training programs.Elizabeth has appeared in Inc magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and on NBC. She was selected as one of the Top 25 Amazing Women of 2010 by Stiletto Woman and as a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Council featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Mashable, and many other media outlets.
Elizabeth’s time coaching clients have the opportunity to go through her exclusive Schedule MakeoverTMlife transformation process through phone coaching and custom action guides or in-person training.





  1. Astrid says

    I’m an INFP and also did the morning routine like your inspiritional article. Yes, it works when i was a a girl. Now, the time comes with a baby and one toddler. Then i loose my “in order” morning routine, so do with my “love to this quite and alone time” for refresing my crowded mind as a mother and wife..
    Maybe you have an approach for this one?
    Thank you a lot Elizabeth.

  2. says

    Hi Astrid-

    I’ve found that parents need to either get up earlier so they’re up before their little ones or to do this at nap time or once their children are in bed.

    To your brilliance!
    Elizabeth Grace Saunders

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